Help for Promoters and Performers

If you are a promoter or performer coming to do a show at the Wingham Town Hall Theatre, here are some things that we can do to assist you.

  1. Ticket Sales. We have 4 local retail stores that will sell tickets for you.
    ( Each retailer is to receive two complimentary tickets to the show.)
    1. Stainton Home Hardware, 184 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-2910
    2. The Gift Chest, 200 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-2550
    3. Christine’s Clothes Closet, 208 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-1051
    4. Annette’s Treasures Galore, 294 Josephine St, Wingham 519-912-1515
  2. Posters. We have a volunteer who will put up posters for you in Wingham and the surrounding towns in a 30 to 45 minute drive radius of Wingham. You will need to pay the volunteer $125 for mileage expenses. If you print the posters at Blyth Printing our volunteer can pick up the posters for you and distribute them from there.
    We recommend you do a print run of 100 – 11″ x 17″ size posters and a print run 100 – 8-1/2″ x 11″ size posters since some locations only allow 8-1/2″ x 11″ size posters. Be sure to include on the poster the date and time of the show, the 4 locations where tickets can be purchased, plus the URL where tickets can be purchased online. (Scroll down this page to see our recommended poster template)
  3. Community Calendars. There are two free community calendars that you can advertise your event on:
    1. Blackburn Radio – Jen Riley. (519) 357-1310 x3292 orĀ
    2. Wingham Community Connectors – Facebook
  4. Ushers & Ticket Sales at the Show. We have volunteers ushers and someone to do ticket sales at the door and sales of CDs, T-Shirts, etc. if you need assistance with that. Each volunteer is to receive a free pass to the show.
  5. Sound Equipment. We don’t have sound equipment at the theatre. Here are some local contacts for sound equipment and/or a sound tech for your show:
    1. Liam Morley 519-440-8078
    2. Adam Smyth 519-525-7660
    3. Travis Teed 519-955-7736

If you wish to receive any of the above assistance, please contact

Recommended Poster Template