Help for Promoters and Performers

If you are a promoter or performer coming to do a show at the Wingham Town Hall Theatre, here are some things that we can do to assist you.

  1. Ticket Sales. We have 4 local retail stores that will sell tickets for you.
    ( Each retailer is to receive two complimentary tickets to the show.)
    1. Stainton Home Hardware, 184 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-2910
    2. The Gift Chest, 200 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-2550
    3. Christine’s Clothes Closet, 208 Josephine St, Wingham 519-357-1051
    4. Annette’s Treasures Galore, 294 Josephine St, Wingham 519-912-1515
  2. Posters. We have a volunteer who will put up posters for you in Wingham and the surrounding towns in a 30 to 45 minute drive radius of Wingham. You will need to pay the volunteer $125 for mileage expenses. If you print the posters at Blyth Printing our volunteer can pick up the posters for you and distribute them from there.
    We recommend you do a print run of 100 – 11″ x 17″ size posters and a print run 100 – 8-1/2″ x 11″ size posters since some locations only allow 8-1/2″ x 11″ size posters. Be sure to include on the poster the date and time of the show, the 4 locations where tickets can be purchased, plus the URL where tickets can be purchased online. (Scroll down this page to see our recommended poster template)
  3. Ushers & Ticket Sales at the Show. We have volunteers ushers and someone to do ticket sales at the door and sales of CDs, T-Shirts, etc. if you need assistance with that. Each volunteer is to receive a free pass to the show.
  4. Sound Equipment. We don’t have sound equipment at the theatre. Here are some local contacts for sound equipment and/or a sound tech for your show:
    1. Liam Morley 519-440-8078
    2. Adam Smyth 519-525-7660
    3. Travis Teed 519-955-7736

If you wish to receive any of the above assistance, please contact

Recommended Poster Template